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The Sandler Difference

Seasoned business experts delivering a proven methodology = SUCCESS

See how what makes us different can make a real difference for you or your organisation.


  • Our Trainers

    Sandler trainers have already had highly successful careers as sales and management professionals, and now use the Sandler sales methodology in their mission to train and mentor others to be successful. Other companies employ trainers who may have never actually sold or managed.

  • Our Methodology

    The Sandler sales methodology fosters an attitude of leadership, rather than just emphasising technique. Reinforcement training facilitates the development of new and empowering behaviours, attitudes, and sales skills, mapping a unique road map to lasting success.

  • Our Global Network

    Over 250 local training centres in major U.K. cities and more than 27 countries, plus materials translated into 20 languages, allow us to support our clients almost anywhere in the world, whether you're a small to mid-sized company or a large organisation.

When you work with Sandler, you’ll see that the things that have always made us different are precisely the things that create lasting success, including:

  • Experienced, full-time trainers

    Many training organisations use subcontracted facilitators to deliver their training. Instead, we find world-class salespeople and managers with real-world experience and turn them into trainers with major credibility in the classroom. 

  • Ability to customize programmes

    We can customise our programmes to address your company’s unique goals and challenges.

  • Global footprint with multilingual and multicultural capabilities

    With over 250 training centres in major U.K cities and more than 27 countries plus materials translated into 20 languages, we’re uniquely positioned to support our clients on a global scale. 

  • Unique way of delivering training

    Long after the excitement of our first training seminar takes place, we’ll continue to reinforce what your people learn with ongoing training workshops, individual coaching sessions and interactive online tools. In fact, we’re the only organisation that offers that kind of ongoing reinforcement. 

  • Approach that values long-term success over short-term fixes

    Our unique approach emphasizes ongoing repetition – what we call “reinforcement training.” It helps accelerate your learning path and then multiplies your successes over time, as our philosophies become part of your company’s DNA.

  • Simplicity

    The Sandler approach is simple and easy to apply in your team’s day-to-day activities. That’s in stark contrast to many over-engineered approaches with processes people won’t use and philosophies that managers can’t reinforce.

  • Proven sales, corporate and management programmes

    Our highly innovative programmes have been developed by Sandler professionals, tested and proven effective for over 40 years.

Explore some of today's top-performing programmes to see if we're a fit for you.