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Management & Leadership

We hire salespeople who claim good past results and appear professional and competent at interview and then they fail to hit agreed targets. Why is that?

Sales meetings can help you win more business, but if not handled well they can cost you time in front of prospects. While no salespeople like to spend time out of the field, effective sales meetings can deliver value to them to increase the likelihood of winning business. And truthfully, if your sales meetings are not doing just that, you need to make some changes and make them fast! As the sales manager -- the sales leader -- you are responsible for ensuring sales meetings provide that value through action orientation and client focus.

I love working with SME’s and their owners - the backbone of our business society and the lifeblood of this country. Unfortunately, some small business owners fuel problems that don't have to exist by focusing more on their product or service than their sales force. Having quality products and services is only half the goal; the other half is the development a high performing sales staff to present them in the marketplace. I had an enlightening conversation with a business owner recently about the current downward state of his business and the options he was exploring to reverse the trend. I asked, "How many of your company problems would disappear if your sales staff would sell more of your products?"

Small business owners tend to stay small because they do not install systems and processes into their business. Most owners want to hire “experienced” sales people. The mentality is to hire someone, teach them about their products and services, then expect the person to “go sell”. What’s the problem? If we hire experienced sales people, once they learn the product or service, they should be good to go, right?

I am a terrible “bah humbug!” when it comes to “trick or treat” but I do take a keen interest in Ghosts.